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  • Yarn-dyed babysbreath jacquard reflective cloth
    product introduction:

    1. Reflective high strength;Is the biggest characteristic of the product has high reflective strength, night light irradiation in the 200-400 meters, the driver is easy to find targets.
    2. sunny and rainy use: the product through special processing, has good resistance to moisture, surface can be normal use in rainy day.
    3. The use of good performance;The product has good performance, the friction resistance, resistance to water.
    4. reflective cloth in addition to the above characteristics, its superior compared with similar products is better than taking sex, it can be design according to customer requirements, woven caused by a variety of color as a body of the blade and the grid cloth, reflective cloth color single completely change the current domestic market situation, make the men's and women's clothing more personalized.
    5. Wide range of USES, can be used in fire fighting, road, railway, shipping, airports, large and medium-sized industrial enterprises and daily life. It is mainly used for producing reflective overalls, reflective safety helmet, reflective students bags, reflective students, reflective raincoats, rain gear, travel shoes, bags and reflective logo, reflective objects such as warning signs.
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